About us

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We started developing in 1987 and founded a company when an increasing number of customers searched for help and solutions. Since then we were lucky to witness a vast and rapid development in IT that gave us new ideas and new projects every year in Germany and many other countries. 

We still have fun developing new apps and programs and look forward to being part of engineering new systems. 


2014 we moved our office to Adlershof, the science city of Berlin with labs and universities. Additionally to our office space training and conference rooms are available. 



We worked for many different customers and in many different fields: 


  • Scaffolding, surface engineering, heavy construction, real estate and property management, real estate development, restoration of contaminated sites
  • Medical engineering, medical emergency, infection management, software solutions for medicals labs 
  • Travel operators, language travel, safari travels, group travel, bike travel, cruises
  • Ads, classifieds, print ads and online solutions, mobile ads
  • image development 
  • Broadcasting software solutions for multicamera post production