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The Luftgüte Laborinformationssystem LULA was developed for Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung in Berlin. The system is implemented completely in Java (see also system architecture) and is used to process and manage manually raised air quality monitoring results (see more at sampling plan) and to bring them together with the data of the automated Luftgütemessnetz Berlins (BLUME). 


System architecture

Sampling plan


Key features  


  • Order management:
    • acces the samplings
    • dynamic worklist
    • bidirectionally device integration 
  • Evaluation
    • Comparative data automatically monitoring network - laboratory values
    • graphical confrontation different analyzes, measuring points
    • month- and years averaging
    • control of frontier crossing
  • Analys master data
    • analyzes, blanks, calculation formulas 
    • SOP's
    • QS-rules
    • QS-media
    • QS-evaluation
  • Sampling plan
    • measuring programs and sampling plans
    • location
    • workflows
    • measuring points
    • schedules
  • Device data
    • devices
    • Filter heads
    • manufacturer 
    • collective media
  • Management
    • specifications, unit
    • user, acces rights
    • jobs
    • label printing
    • ANAZENT Anbindung