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BBScoreboard: The Next Generation Scoreboard

Besides the standard features like displaying time, score and team fouls BBScoreboard is connected and entertaining. Fans watching the game can login to the scoreboard with their mobile phones or tablets. BBScoreboard provides statistics and player information. This increases your fan's engagement. When connected to the internet BBScoreboard can automatically post your team's performance to social media like Facebook, Twitter or


The internal music player will entertain the crowd with your playlists when the game is paused.


The scoreboard displays on a standard HDMI display that you connect to the BBScoreBase device. The device is equipped with a TFT touch-screen that mirrors the scoreboard during the game and is used for basic configuration of the device. All other configuration and control is done with a wirelessly connected smartphone or tablet.



BBScoreboard Key Features

Small and simple to use

  • inexpensive
  • Connects to standard HDMI Monitor/TV
  • Integrated TFT touch display
  • Fancy graphics and animations
  • Fans can connect through WIFI to access real-time statistics
  • Uses iOS or Android mobile device to control the scoreboard and keep statistics
  • MP3 Playlists for pre/after-game, halftime and time-out entertainment&nbsp
  • All-time statistics for your teams and players
  • Scores and statistics automatically posted to Twitter, Facebook or 
  • Software based implementation -> new features can be easily added later
  • Built-in horn
  • Connect to speakers with built-in amps
  • 8GB internal storage
    Connect wireless BBShotclock displays (available later)
  • Connect to BBScoreboard Timepad/Shotpad (available later)


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Detailed Information

Product Description

Modular system package made from an app you download on your phone and a small hardware device with HDMI port (monitor, beamer), stereo jack and small touch display. The main goal is to use as many things you already have: like a monitor or TV set and your phones to start.



The center piece with a Raspberry Pi computer and storage in a safe case. Here you can store your teams and players’ numbers. You only change who is going to play as soon as you start a game. The BBScoreBase provides standard connectors for sound or display devices. After the game you can read out all the game statistics and directly mail or post them. You can copy the game protocol and statistics on a USB flash-drive and hand over a copy of the game to the guest team. Or you take home a copy on your flash-drive and import the game statistics into a spreadsheet program for further analyzing.



The app allows to control the Base with different smartphone types. So far we worked with Android phones and iPhones. In the first release we offer different app options to allow one or more than one person working the scores and fouls.

So easy to use it!

  • You take your BBScoreBase with you to the sports hall, connect it to the power supply and turn it on. It creates a WIFI network in the hall.
  • The judges turn on their phones and start the BBScoreApp. Their phones connect automatically to the Base’s WIFI network.
  • The judges choose to operate
    • scores and fouls
    • time and 24 sec (shot clock)
    • time-outs
    • scouting = steals, turn-overs, rebounds


Alternatively you can choose to operate only with one judge who takes team scores and team fouls.


  • All data is immediately available on the display.
  • During breaks and Time-outs you can play music from your USB flash-drive to entertain your crowd. Simply connect amplified speakers to the Base.
  • As soon as the last quarter is finished you can immediately post the game using a connected smartphone. Alternatively you copy the data from the BBScoreBase to a USB flash-drive and take it with you. Load it into a spreadsheet to further work on it or post it onto your website, Facebook or
  • Also the guest team can take their copy of statistics with them.
  • Coach wants to debrief the game? No problem with a statistics file that protocols the game step-by-step.