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"We might could do..."

who didn't asked something like that himself? With a bit of planning it could be much easier. Specified dates like sporting events aren't easy to implement today. Indoor football-, badminton-, and tennis courts doesn't book themselves. BeSocial makes this possible and we all have our smartphone all the time in our hands. No matter if you want to visit a concert or a museum, BeSozial will help you.

  • If you are once signed in, you can organize regular training sessions with a few clicks. Every Wednesday - No Problem! If in doubt, the appointment repeats automatically. And you will never go alone to the hall.
  • The Event shows, how many people will come
  • groups can post public posts like on a bulletin board or private posts, which can only be seen by the group members
  • BeSozial offers opened groups the chance to find new group members. Who doesn't wan to jog in the park? But do you want to jo alone? Maybe there is a jogging group near you.
  • When somebody register a therm, the writher can also activate a memory, which reports to the invited people.
  • You can also cancel a event, if you don't have the time or something like that. A memory will also report to the invited people.


  • For all, who use Facebook, it is much more easier - You don't need to leave Facebook
  • Memories also reach the invited people via Facebook.
  • The application can be marked at Facebook as a favorite.