Travel Master SLK

Travel Master SLK is a modular tour operator software system and offers a variety of functions:


  • tour planning and managment for highly detailed tour organising
  • flight planning and management
  • maintenance of addresses, tours, flights, etc.
  • generating bills and assignment lists
  • modular construction
  • creating of pattern travel and example tours  
  • interface for accounting solutions
  • interface for sabre 
  • linked data
  • adaptation on respective special interests 
  • customized for several tour operators in Europe
  • web version available
  • serial emails and mails

Travel Master SLK is a modularly built, flexible and highly customizable system for the travel industry mapping the typical workflows of tour operators.


Travel Master SLK is a Joint Venture of Lernidee Erlebnisreisen GmbH and Comitatus Software AG. The software product wraps up the expert knowledge of travel business from one of the leading travel specialists in Europe specialized in worldwide trains and cruises with the expert knowledge of designing software architecture and developing. 


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