What is Z´app?

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Bulletin boards abound in supermarkets or organic grocery stores, plastered full with signs and flyers. A walk down the street takes you past street poles, trees or utility boxes papered over with messages and signs.
Why is that? Now that we have permanent access to vast amounts of published information on the Internet worldwide, this kind of communication seems pointless and obsolete.

Z'app supports you through more reach

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Use z'app to talk directly to customers in your immediate area. Inform your customers about new products, services and your expertise. Be a direct contact and trusted authority in their neighborhood.
Use z'app and make simple, uncomplicated use of a cutting-edge media in traditional customer outreach. Create loyal and satisfied customers for your products and services.
z'app is a new, appealing online business idea that strengthens local bricks-and-mortar stores and service businesses. How does z'app do it?

  • our customers can get to know you
  • Provides an effective advertising platform
  • Builds confidence, because everything is nearby
  • Your business messages are integrated in your customers’ stream of personal messages
  • Repeat use by large numbers of curious users, including your potential customers
  • Self-publish spontaneous events and messages for customers instantly and easily
  • Joins online with offline
  • The favorites function lets potential customers stay up-to-date about your business
  • The z'app team works directly with you because we are local and in Berlin
  • A continual dialog with all customers keeps the service animated, exciting and interesting for everyone involved

Good value, fair and informative

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  • z'app networks local retail stores with the mobile online world.
  • z'app lets you stay on the leading edge with the latest technologies and a new marketing channel.
  • z'app gets out your message
  • The restaurant posts it lunch menu everyday at 12 o’clock
  • The bike shop offers a spring tune-up or maintenance subscription
  • The new wine shipment is in and the wine merchant hosts a tasting
  • The grocer offers fresh local produce and hands out great recipes
  • The men’s clothing store welcomes a celebrity designer for a trunk show
  • The local house painting company has a cancellation and can fit in a small job last minute
  • The hair salon stages a special event with its hair care product supplier
  • The cafe popular with families hosts a storybook hour for kids
  • The shoe shop owner is back from Italy with new merchandise
  • The bookstore debuts the latest best seller with a book signing by the author
  • The baker just baked up a fresh batch of scones


Get onboard with z'app and tell your customers about the z'app idea. The more people participating in z'app, the greater the buzz and the more customers can find you.

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