Comitatus Software AG work for international and national clients, developing software and products. Often projects last for several years and cooperative reliable work is a key ingredient. Our extensive experiences come from various sectors:

among others medical engineering and medical labs management, image data processing and print, surface and heavy construction, ad systems, travel business, scaffolding, property development, broadcasting software solutions. 



Fresenius Hemocare Deutschland GmbH

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Coal@net (C.A.T.S Organisation And Lean Administration Network) visualizes and controls the procedure protocols from C.A.T.S to use with a computer under Microsoft Windows.


Coal@net is a software for intraoperative and postoperative autotransfusion. The procedure protocols generated by C.A.T.S are imported into the database of Coal@net where they can be used, edited, completed and stored. The stored protocols can be printed or with an extra function exported into different systems eg a MIS medical information system using standard interfaces. 
The system was designed and implemented together with the Fresenius Transfusions GmbH. 


Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung

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Comitatus Software AG designed, developed and implemented a Java based lab Information System for the Berlin air quality control Luftgütemessnetz. Since implementing the system we constantly maintain, update and upgrade it. 


Manually and automatically collected data has to be edited, combined and made available to the apropriate authorities.


Landesamt Potsdam

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The state office Landesamt Potsdam takes care of many aspects of health care and prevention, documentation and health monitoring.


The different chores cover among others the monitoring of influenza reports and managing all infections and diseases which are subject of registration, managing vaccines and editing and allocating health relevant data. 

Comitatus Software AG evaluated and authored a detailed specification to include all tasks into a new IT system. 


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ISV is a longtime IT specialist for classifieds software with customers all over the world. The classifieds markets changed in many ways during the last years moving ads increasingly into the internet and mobile gear. ISV therefore offers not only classic print software solutions but also solutions for internet or mobile platforms. 

Handmade blades

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Holzapfel is one of the rare specialists selling very unique items that are not only fascinating handcrafted objects. There is more to a Japanese handmade knife than the price and if it is in stock right know. The love for artisan knives and blades needs knowledge how to use and take care of them. For these specialists we also handcrafted an app with all their products. 


GHC Global Healthcare

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GHC Global Healthcare makes medical emergency competence available when a doctor can not be physically in place. Working at offshore windparks, oil rigs or while on the way on intercontinental flights or enjoying a stay on a cruise ship - the world is much more mobile today and any of us could be in need of emergency care or qualified help to determine the next steps. 


Lisa Reisen Leipzig

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Lisa! Reisen GmbH in Leipzig is a tour specialist creating language study journeys to unresistable places for adults and youngsters. An open minded group and a beautiful place both encourage to learn successfully.  Lisa! Reisen started 2002 to use Travel Master SLK and needed individual adjustments for a language study tour operator working all over Europe.  

Lernidee Erlebnisreisen GmbH

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Lernidee Erlebnisreisen GmbH is a leading and growing tour operator with a focus on train journeys and river cruises in most extraordinary regions of this planet. 

We designed a complex planning and management software together with Lernidee and implemented a modular client server solution that has been adapted to new specifications whenever necessary. 

We transformed the software also into a customizable product that other tour operators use.


Hinrichs AG

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Hinrichs AG / Kanada Bau AG is a company that develops properties, builds and monitores and manages real estate projects. For this group of companies we desigend and developed a customized time recording and management software. 

Berliner Strahlenmessstelle

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Starting in 2003 Comitatus Software AG began to design and develop a software for the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment controlling measurements regarding the radiation in Berlin. Since then we maintain and upgrade the software regularly. 

Werner - Scholz GmbH

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Werner Scholz GmbH produces turned and milled parts for international customers.  

We designed and developed a staff work time logging system as a client-server application using a Interbase/Firebird database server with Borland Delphi An additional part is a purchase jour with paying management and online paying functions. 

BEKUM Maschinenfabriken

BEKUM Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Berlin creates and builds high quality extrusion blow moulding machines that produce small bottels or huge canisters. We worked on different projects e.g. an intern documentation system.